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January 2022

Pediatric Orthopedics
Edited by Mark E. Solomon

The topic of Pediatric Orthopedics has never been covered in Clinics in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery. Why not? Although the profession has been treating pediatric patients from the very beginning, the subspecialty of Podopediatric Medicine is gaining more excitement over the past decade. Within Clinics in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, there have been two publications in the past: Pediatric Foot Deformities, which came out in 2013, and Pediatric Pes Planovalgus, which came out in 2010. There have been several societies focused on the dissemination of podopediatric education. The American College of Podo-pediatrics started within the American Podiatric Medical Association in the 1970s, and currently, membership is growing within the American College of Foot and Ankle Pediatrics, under the guidance of Dr Louis DeCaro.

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