Sports Medicine

      Many students and future Doctors of Podiatric Medicine first entered this specialty of medicine being drawn to an interest in sports-related injuries. I know that was true for me. I remember the excitement of hearing Dr George Sheehan, the world-renowned sports physician, as a student in the Sports Medicine Club during medical school. Under the guidance of Dr Howard Palamarchuk, we were also allowed to participate in the Runners Medical Tent at the Boston Marathon each year. My early exposure to the world of Sports Medicine was an exciting one.
      Podiatric Physicians play a prominent role in all aspects of treating and managing foot and ankle injuries in the local, regional, and even national sports communities. Many are involved on a collegiate and professional level and have committed to being on the playing field throughout the season. I acknowledge the Sports physician careers of Drs Lowell Weil Sr and Jr, Dr. Howard Liebeskind, Dr. Robert Mohr, Dr. Patrick Deheer, and Dr. Larry Oloff, just to name a few.
      Besides athletes who compete at the highest level, many of our active patients are also “athletes” in their lives. Regardless of whether your practice consists of competitive athletes, Podiatric physicians keep all levels of athletes on their feet and will always play an integral role in getting people back from injury to the playing field of life.
      This issue looks at the current discussions on many topics sports related, yet is applicable to almost every patient who maintains a certain level of activity and fitness. I am grateful to Dr Oloff and his efforts in putting this tremendous group of authors together. I hope you enjoy this issue.